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I need a makeover!

June 12, 2008

So those of you who have been with SKP since the beginning were probably expecting this soon. I’ve changed my logo a few different times and I have since gotten bored with my logo again. I know I know. Make up your mind Shelly! lol Here’s the problem. I design logos on the side. Being that I do that, it makes it 10 times harder to design my own. I don’t like my name with any fonts out there. How sad is that. lol. Somehow, I will come up with something. And if I don’t, I just might have to hire someone to do mine.

 With a new logo comes a whole new site. Well, not entirely new. Mostly new. The look of it will be knew. The flash design of it will be the same. I’m thinking fun fresh, bright colors. But before I get started on that, I need to come up with a logo. lol  Once that happens, I can design the site around the logo. I will redo all my galleries and everything. How exciting is that? Anyone have any ideas for me? I’m always searching for new music also. Know any good independant artists? Comment me if you do. I’d love to use someone local if possible.

So keep an eye out for changes coming soon to SKP!

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