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Sweet light, sweet girl | Charlotte, NC Photographer

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Little Miss A is just to cute! We met at the Kannapolis Country Club for an evening photo shoot. This was my first time there and I knew upon arrival it was going to be an amazing shoot. The scenery is amazing!!! And I had one amazingly adorable subject to photograph. Don’t worry, mom and dad we beautiful too, but Little Miss A stole my heart. She had the cutest outfits and the cutest little face! I actually brought my pettiskirt along and asked mom to bring a top she thought would go with it. She also brought her pettiskirt only to find out we had the same exact one. Same brand name, same color, same size. How funny. So we had A where her own along with the cute tank with little rosettes. She looked so adorable in it. We found a nice spot with tall wispy grass and the sun was setting perfectly for some shots with flare, which I love!!! Made for an awesome image!

Summer sale! | Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC Photographer

Friday, June 18th, 2010

We’re growing | Charleston, SC Photographer

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Our family that is! And no, no more babies! At least not right now. Meet Buddy! Isn’t he cute? Alright, I know he’s cute. I don’t have to ask if he is. lol

A little over a week ago we were asked if we could give him a home. A home where he would be loved and played with and given lots of attention. See, we used to have a chihuahua named Pablo. Back then both my husband and I worked full time jobs and could not give him the love and attention he needed. My brother happily took him in and today he still lives with him. Now that we moved, my only job is being a photographer. Well besides a mommy and an awesome wife! lol So most of my work is working from home. It gives me the time stop and love my children and Buddy. A few weeks ago our kids started asking if we could have a puppy and our answer was “someday we will”. Our prayers were answered when we were asked if we can give this adorable little guy a home.

Tell me, how was I to turn him down? I couldn’t and wouldn’t. He has been with us since tuesday and let me tell you, it’s been like he’s been with us since he was born. Right away we got into the grove of things! He’s 6 months old and a ball of energy and fun! See…..he even likes having tea time with the girls.

So we have grown by a Yorkshire Terrier! Yay!. Fyi, I have always wanted a Yorkie so I am completely thrilled that he is now part of our family! We love him so much!


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