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Schools back in and I am sad. Yes, you heard that right, I am sad. I really enjoyed having my big princess home for 2 weeks. We had a lot of fun over the holiday break. We played games, did some shopping, organized and tossed some toys (and we still have a mountain to go through), went to the movies, played restaurant, and lots of other fun stuff. I think my little princess really enjoyed having big princess around all day also. I can tell she misses her since she went back to school yesterday. Heck, I miss her too!

We woke up yesterday morning and as usual I made breakfast for my little book worm. Made her a great lunch and when it was time to leave, I begged her to stay. I offered to home school her but she simply replied “Mom, you know I have to go to school. I can’t stay home. I have to learn!”. Yes, I am very proud of her for wanting to go to school. I am very proud of her for being such a good student. I am very proud of her for doing the right thing. I mean, of course I wouldn’t actually let her stay home. I just really would have liked a few more days home with her.

Lucky for mom though, she let me take a couple pictures of her on Sunday and I just love this one so much. So now when I am missing my girl, I just stare at her picture. 2:20 cannot come soon enough!

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Lori VanOosten - Little Pals Photography Sterling Il photographer: Such a beautiful photo of a wonderful little girl. It is definitely hard to see them grow up and leave us.

Tiffany: What a beautiful lady! Nice shot!

Karen Kulin: One of those beautiful images that just make you smile. It's gorgeous!

Ellen: Oh, is she adorable!

Sandy (philadelphia children's photographer): beautiful picture of a beautiful child!

Sally Watts: Adorable picture, and I completely understand. I was more bummed out about school starting back last week than I ever remember being as a child!

Stephanie McFrederick: Such a beautiful little girl! Great image :)

Amy: So cute! My kids would have jumped at the chance to stay home! ;)

Katie: Uh, wow - she's just stunning! Great capture!

AnneMarieZ: I feel the same way when my little ones go out the door for school.. I miss them terribly! We had such a good time but didn't get to do all the things I wanted.. beautiful eyes she has!!

Molly Durkin Mpls/St.Paul Senior Photography: She is so cute, and yes it is so hard to see them grow up so fast.

Heather Georger, Austin Photographer: Your girl is gorgeous!!!

Vanessa German of Vanessa G. Photography: Beautiful work as always!


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