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Clothing for cuties! | Charleston Photographer

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a fabulous clothing designer to do a photo shoot for them. I almost peed myself from excitement when I got the email on my blackberry. I was able to view a few pieces on their facebook fan page and instantly knew I wanted to work with them. As soon as I got home I jumped on Mac-man (a.k.a. my iMac) and went right to their site. FABULOUS stuff! About a week later we did the photo shoot and it went awesome! You absolutely must go check out MaDa Designs at their website and fan them on facebook! So many fabulous designs and the fabrics are just to die for!

What makes it even better is that they also asked if my girls wanted to model their clothing! Ummmm…yea! My girls have always been interested in modeling and asked me about it many times. This was their opportunity to show me how they can shine and if they were serious about it. I think they are ready. What do you think?


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